Forget Off Broadway, I Want Ice Cream!!!


The Daryl Roth Theater, at the corner of Union Square East and 15th Street, was home to De La Guarda for seven years before its current production, Sandra Bernhard’s Everything Bad and Beautiful, began its run. And according to management, this fall the theater will be home to Hunting and Gathering.

But representatives from Ben and Jerry’s, the hippy ice-cream giant, were seen earlier this morning checking out the 24,000-square-foot theater, renderings in hand that showed a giant company awning where Sandra Bernhard’s luscious profile currently stares down imperiously.

The Real Estate asked the B&J peeps what, exactly, was up. Would they really convert the theater space to a an ice-cream mega-store? Their answer: yes. By August. But when we called the theater, they denied that anything was in the works, mentioning that they’re booked through the year.

Property records show no activity since 2001, and B&J corporate headquarters isn’t returning our calls. Anybody got any info?

-Matthew Grace

Forget Off Broadway, I Want Ice Cream!!!