Gabe Shanoff

May 16, 2006

4:05 a.m.

7 pounds

St. Vincent’s Hospital

Baby boozer! Married just a year and a half, parents Dan and Margery Shanoff are enjoying toting their handsome, sideburned cutup of a firstborn to the bars of Brooklyn Heights—including the recently opened Jack the Horse Tavern on Hicks Street. “He’s this funny guy, and makes funny faces,” said Ms. Shanoff, 32, soon to be a clerk for U.S. District Judge Peter Leisure. “You realize this little person is doing everything for the first time, and we get to enjoy it.” As do friends and family, thanks to the Shanoffs’ new blog, “gabelicious.” “They’re addicted to it,” said Mr. Shanoff, 33, a columnist for ESPN’s Web site who now taps out his pensées from the family’s dining-room table, since his former office has been refashioned into little Gabe’s nursery. “We’ve noticed how dramatically things change from being about you as a couple,” mused the new pops. “Now it’s so focused on the baby. Everything revolves around that.”

Gabe Shanoff