Gatemouth: Cuomo, Gruomo, Shmomo

After Andrew Cuomo’s garish, painstakingly engineered walloping of his opponents in Buffalo, now what?

The polls, as we already noted, certainly don’t indicate the sort of laugher that the convention results suggest. (The last Zogby poll showed Mark Green within two points of Cuomo among likely voters.)

And in the last day, we’ve seen a good-ish amount of traffic in comments and emails predicting the current frontrunners – the front-running, hydra-headed beast at least one commentator calls “Gruomo” – could even clear the way for a third candidate to become competitive by savaging each other and, well, just being generally annoying to people in the party.

Place of honor among these observations must be given to onetime Brodsky supporter and longtime Politicker reader Gatemouth, who the Cuomo camp will have to hope is not a leading indicator of public sentiment:

One of the greatest divendends of the Brodsky withdrawal(and I supported him)is that it opened up the opportunity for the argument amongst Cuomo and Green supporters as to which of their candidates had the biggest ego and most annoying personal chracteristics. Such arguments, if informed by the facts, are sure to be an anecdotal embrassment of riches, and serve the further purpose of allowing each side to avoid touchy questions like which of these guys is actually qualified to hold the job. And, let’s not even get into the company each of them keeps keeps! Although I’d previously dismissed her, as “a good idea for a candidate”, Denise O’Donell is looking better and better with each passing day.
Gatemouth: Cuomo, Gruomo, Shmomo