Ghana: There Is Joy in Mudville

The Ghana victory over the U.S., catapulting their team into the second round, is of course big news in Africa. The Accra Daily Mail is calling the upcoming Brazil match “the mother of all matches.” And from the South Africa Star: “We can silence the samba: Giant-Killers Ghana”

More from the Daily Mail:

Many people did not give the Black Stars a dog’s chance after their defeat to the Italians. European and some African commentators glibly dismissed them as just another African cosmetic appearance…
Not only Ghanaians were happy about the feat achieved by the Black Stars but it seems the whole world. Even Americans, in defeat, have applauded the Ghanaians.
In Accra, the atmosphere was simply electrifying as taxi drivers touted their horns, people took to the streets shouting and dancing and at the time of writing, one huge party had erupted allover the country. To Africa and the rest of the world, Ghana has really made another history.

The Ministry of Information and National Orientation has started distributing “Proud to be Ghanaian” car stickers free of charge.

The official Ghana football site has the following:

“All the guys are ready to die for the nation,” midfielder Stephen Appiah says. While midfielder Michael Essien said they had qualified “on behalf of the whole of Africa.”

And, too, a sense of fair play. The Ghana footballers website admits that they beat the U.S. “thanks to a harshly awarded penalty in first half stoppage time.” Ghana: There Is Joy in Mudville