Goo-Goo Dreams

Here’s something worth keeping an eye on: an announcement in the New York State Assembly of hearings on redistricting.

For good government types, redistricting would be a dream, wresting the reigns of power from the autocratic hands of legislative leaders and giving citizens a legitimate chance at unseating sinecured incumbents from their purposefully drawn districts.

But will Sheldon Silver really want to change any part of the system that has allowed him to compile a 105-seat, veto-proof majority?

Blair Horner, legislative director for NYPIRG, thinks Silver may not have a choice, optimistically telling Newsday’s Lauren Weber that “it’ll be hard for them to have hearings and then do nothing, especially with a new governor coming in who wants to see some changes.”

Anyone out there want to take that bet?

Goo-Goo Dreams