Hillary Aces Drum Major Exam

The Drum Major Institute just released its official report card focusing on how members of Congress performed for middle class Americans. Unsurprisingly, given the organization’s liberal outlooks, they failed 99 percent of House Republicans. Slightly more surprisingly, only gave 20 percent of House Democrats scored an “A.”

The star members of the New York class include Anthony Weiner, Charlie Rangel and Nita Lowey, all of whom scored straight A’s. As Ben noted looking at the draft of the report, Greg Meeks earned a C with 60 percent, and Ed Towns did a little better, scoring 63 points but also coming home with an average C.

Of the potential Presidential candidates coming out of the Senate, the Drum Institute failed John McCain with 25 points, which is not bad considering George Allen failed with 0 points. Hillary Clinton aced the Institute’s exam with an A. Chuck Schumer only got a B.

– Jason Horowitz Hillary Aces Drum Major Exam