‘How Many Cakes Will Be On Our Cake?’


ERICA: As we pass by a bakery window with towering wedding cakes, Greg casually asks me, with a perfectly straight face: “How many floors will our wedding cake have?”

“How many FLOORS?”

“Yeah, how many floors?” he repeats. “How many cakes will be on our cake?”

I can’t easily recall a time now that I did not know the definition of “cake tier,” high-top vs. low-top tables or the difference between letterpress and engraved printing or engraved and offset printing. I’m so immersed in all of this, I should be teaching a class at the Learning Annex on the subtle differences between buttercream and fondant.

OK, so Greg doesn’t know the term “cake tier”…no big deal, really. It was actually kind of cute.

“Probably three-ish,” I respond.

“OK,” he says, “three floors will be cool.”

‘How Many Cakes Will Be On Our Cake?’