Intermix Opens on Broadway

Outside Intermix: before the storm.

At around 3 p.m., shortly before an afternoon downpour soaked Manhattan, Intermix opened its doors at 901 Broadway to a chic crowd of shoppers.

But this location–just south of the Flatiron Building–is only temporary, as renovation continues at the fire-ravaged, Fifth Avenue store.

It only took a few minutes on this yellow-gray afternoon for well-dressed young women to fill the newest boutique. There was a bit of cheek-kissing near the entrance, which smelt slightly of new white paint (on the exposed brick, of course).

“All merch, everything, will be the same,” said an Intermix spokesperson, who told The Real Estate that the Broadway store should be open for about six to eight months.

Unfortunately, when the three-alarm fire broke last March, it was only six weeks after a full renovation of the store. Hopefully, Intermix’s transition back to Fifth Avenue will be smoother than before.

Max Abelson

Photo courtesy of Choire Sicha’s camera phone

Intermix Opens on Broadway