It’s Official


It’s official, Bill Weld’s entertaining bid for governor is over. John Faso joined Weld at the podium today for his announcement, which turned into somewhat of a love fest between the now former rivals.

Here was Weld talking to the media pack:

On the economic issues facing New York and the issues that are most critical to the future of New York State in this crossroads election, John Faso and I are on exactly the same page. I’ve come to the conclusion that this is not the time for a contested primary in this party. John has run a great race, obviously, to this point. People occasionally ask me has anything surprised you in this race to date and again, its no secret that I’m a fan of John Faso. I was a strong supporter of his in 2002 race for comptroller. I tried to help him raise a little money and hope to do that again in this race.

And here was Faso.

It is very gratifying to have your support. The step you are taking today in endorsing my candidacy is greatly appreciated by me. The step that Governor Weld has taken today is a difficult one. I know, I’ve been in a situation in the past where I withdrew from a political contest even though there were many impulses in me to suggest to go on. But the decision he is making is one that will unify the Republican party and will give the people a very clear choice this November between two very different philosophies, two very different approaches.

Over to you, Eliot.

—Nicole Brydson

It’s Official