John Starks On Brooklyn’s New “Gold Coast”


Yesterday’s condo conversion launch party for 99 Gold Street–a six-story building which was a former toy factory (during Brooklyn’s grittier days)–was packed from the start.

Swarming brokers chatted about the “Vinegar Hill” locale, while still referring to the surrounding neighborhood as good old DUMBO. And there was a lot of talk of the new “Gold Coast,” which partly refers to a precious sunset that clouds kept from materializing on cue.

Views aside, the buzz surrounding the kickoff party centered on Knick demigod John Starks, who was expected to be “leading pick-up games, teaching bystanders and signing commemorative “gold” basketballs,” at least according to the press release. That’s all because 99 Gold has a unique amenity: its own basketball court.

When The Real Estate caught up with Mr. Starks early on, the former Knick guard was gazing out the window in unit 4M–which will set you back about $735,000. He asked aloud where Ratner’s basketball stadium would be. Perhaps some day, John.

Near Mr. Starks stood Josh Gunsberger, a commercial real estate agent. He liked what he saw: “Es perfecto por Emily,” he noted, staring out at the bright yellow Sun. Gold coast, indeed!

Max Abelson

John Starks On Brooklyn’s New “Gold Coast”