Madeleine Marries, Her Guests Gasp Loudly, Most Beautiful Room Ever!


MADELEINE: In the bridal suite at Tribeca Rooftop: The lady in charge of my hair, Sarah, was MIA and time was ticking by. Visse, wedding planner extraordinaire, called Sarah’s cell phone and learned she was wandering lost in downtown Manhattan. After a lot of coaching from Visse, Sarah finally arrived strolling in like the queen of England, full attitude in tow. But this little woman held the fate of my hair in her hands. So I gave her a big grin in hopes of a stunning hairdo, and it worked.

Before the ceremony, Mitch and I met on the dance floor for photos. “Tilt your head to the right, Madeleine!” “Madeleine, wave and smile!” We had less than 30 minutes to plow through the family portraits.

Then the ceremony: I started down the aisle with one parent on either side,150 familiar faces focused on me. The enormity of the moment began to sink in. “Holy shit,” I blurted out involuntarily. My parents laughed. When I reached Mitch, he was beaming from ear to ear. The ceremony moved along in a lively fashion with comments from Rabbi Goor like: “Madeleine kept Mitch’s first New York winter hot!”

Breaking the glass.

Then the reception: Through panoramic windows, a startling sun was setting against the Manhattan skyline. Candles lined the window ledges and the room smelled strongly of fresh flowers. I knew from the loud gasps that I had achieved my goal of the most shockingly beautiful room ever.

Uriel, our best man, stood on the balcony and gave a heartwarming toast. He told Mitch to put his hand over mine and look into my eyes: “This is the one moment in your marriage when you will have the upper hand,” he said to Mitch.

The night was filled with dancing and lots and lots of champagne. “At the risk of sounding very 1960’s,” my mother said, “it was just a great, positive vibe.”


Sure, a few things were a little off. The DJ was distant and apathetic. Mitch’s weird cousin flew all the way from LA, but stopped by for 15 minutes and then disappeared into the night like Batman. And one older family member, who had a bit too much to drink, clocked me in the nose while dancing.

Best Man’s toast.

Before I knew it, guests were saying their goodbyes and the DJ was wrapping up. The centerpieces were coming down. I desperately tried to take home as many flowers as I could fit in my hands in an attempt to hold onto the wedding a little longer.

But it was all over and I had a wonderful time.

First dance.

Madeleine Marries, Her Guests Gasp  Loudly, Most Beautiful Room Ever!