Meet Your New Tourism Czar

Earlier today we caught up with George A. Fertitta, Bloomberg’s newest private sector recruit, who will be taking over the city’s newly combined tourism, marketing and event-planning operations on June 19th.

He said he hopes he will bring the entire organization “up another notch” thanks to his “background and skill set.” (He was founder of the ad agency Margeotes Fertitta Powell, which among its clients counted … Colonial Williamsburg!)

He entered negotiations with the Bloomberg administration several months ago, he said, before the Snapple debacle.

“I don’t really look at this as a Snapple problem, it is a situation of unfulfilled over-expectation. There is no correlation between any of the staff changes and the Snapple situation.”

The new guy’s credo:

“This is not a city dedicated to tourism, but to its citizens, and tourism is an engine to make the lives of the city’s citizens better.”

Where to start?

“Staten Island!,” he said. “There are big plans for Staten Island.”

– Jason Horowitz

Meet Your New Tourism Czar