Montgomery Clift’s Open House


This week, New York magazine takes a stroll through the former Upper East Side home of Montgomery Clift–which is also where the actor died over three decades ago.

Not only does the Stribling broker come along through the $5.5 million townhouse, but also a Montgomery Clift biographer! (Hopefully, this could spark a trend whereby celebrity biographers start taking real estate reporters through movie stars’ open houses).

For the ardent Clift fan in search of authenticity, the townhouse is pretty much the same as he left it in 1966.

The owners never did all that much renovating, and the living quarters are still largely as Clift knew them–presentable but definitely well used. The stairs creak; many original details are basically untouched. The built-in bookshelves he ordered are still there. So is the teak bar he built, a little thing with just enough space for one movie star to stand while mixing vodka cocktails. Capua ducked into the bathroom to look for the giant cabinet Clift installed for all his pills, but it’s long gone.

Alas, the giant pill cabinet is gone! Nevertheless, townhouse buyers and fans can see the place for themselves: there’s an open house today at 5:30.

Michael Calderone

Montgomery Clift’s Open House