More of My Rationalizations for Ghana, During the Game

Ghana are in orange, the U.S. is in discreet blue and white. Soccer uniforms are not supposed to be sober;

There are six people in Times Square watching seven Jumbotrons. The entire country of Ghana has a half day off;

Bruce Arena is obese;

Victory would be historic for them, not us;

One of their guys is wearing gold shoes;

They’re the size of Illinois and Indiana combined;

Dreadlocks. They got em. What do we got? The Nike swoosh. Oy.

Ohmygod!! 1-0

Their guys’ names sound like Pingpong and Pencil

“Taken away from Claudio Reyna… Taken away from Landon Donovan…”

Reyna goes off on a stretcher when he gets beaten…

The president of Ghana says the full nation is praying for victory over the U.S…. What are we praying for today?

Following the victory over the Czech Republic, Ghana’s Paintsil made the most thrilling international gesture of the ’06 World Cup: pulling an Israeli flag from his sock and waving it… More of My Rationalizations for Ghana, During the Game