More on the Sopranos

My entry on the Sopranos yesterday generated some wise comment. Three readers said I am wrong about feds tipping off mobsters. Most persuasively, Mark:

Regarding the agent tipping off Tony; Trust me , it happens. Please reference the famous gangster Whitey Bulger in Boston who was in fact an undercover fink for the feds and was tipped off by an FBI agent regarding his imminent arrest. He fled and never seen again.

And Kit got at the mythic bass-line of the show:

The recurring theme from year to year has been the inexorable cycle in which Tony and the main characters are trapped. Carmella repeats the sins of Tony’s mother; Tony repeats the sins of his father. They all live in Samsara, a cyclical hell of their own bad karma and that of their predecessors.

But in the season finale, it appeared that perhaps AJ — who we’d all pegged as an up-and-coming thug — has suddenly found himself clear of the whole mess. Rather than using violence to solve a problem, he chooses a more skillful resolution. Rather than trading on his father’s connections to buy love, he earns his own way…

If this continues, Tony has actually found a degree of salvation. By stepping up and being the father he never had, forcing AJ to awaken from his stupor, he has broken the wheel to which all the characters are chained.

Humble thanks to the writers!

More on the Sopranos