Music Video Brings on Nausea

AIMEE: Brian and I arrive home from work and find a little box containing four copies of our wedding DVD, complete with a snazzy picture of us gracing the cover.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s the must-see film of the year and way more exciting than anything currently in our Netflicks queue. I scurry over to cue up the DVD.

We’re greeted with a menu broken down by all the major events, plus the video company’s signature “music video.”

“Let’s watch the music video first!” I decide and motion for Brian to sit. Our living room instantly fills with the first few notes of Barry White’s “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love.”

“Oh, God,” Brian moans queasily, as a montage of shots from the day’s festivities unscroll to the music. “I think I’m feeling nauseous!”

“Isn’t this fun?” I ask.

Meanwhile, Brian seems to be having a Pavlovian dog sort of reaction to the video: at the sight of a white dress and a parade of tuxes and evening gowns he’s suddenly feeling all the nerves he felt before walking down the aisle. Slowly, through the magic of Barry White, he warms up.

“Hey, look how good we look!” he eventually says just as the song comes to an end.

Our ultimate review? It’s the perfect date movie – laughter, tears, plenty of hijinks – we give our wedding DVD two emphatic thumbs up. (But, you be the judge! See a clip here, just scroll down for Brian and Aimee).

Music Video Brings on Nausea