My Dad’s Playlist

KARA: My dad just emailed Brian and me his proposed list of songs for our wedding band to play. See the list below and take note of comments, his not mine.

“Slippin’ and Slidin,'” Little Richard (swing tempo version, good dance tune, good sax solos)

“The Shape I’m In,” The Band (kind of a stomping dance tune)

“Jambalaya,” Doug Kershaw (great dance song, upbeat tempo)

“Hey Good Lookin,'” Buckwheat Zydeco (good swingy dance tune)

“Barbara Ann,” Beach Boys (fun r&r song to dance to)

“Stay,” Maurice Williams

And my personal favorite…

“Sweet Blindness,” Fifth Dimension (swing tempo, good dance song about girl getting drunk w/boyfriend!)

I won’t comment on this list except to say that my dad’s so enthusiastic and pleased with his contribution, I may actually agree to play these songs.

My Dad’s Playlist