No Offense to Aisle Runner Lovers Out There…


ERICA: I seriously hate aisle runners. To me, it looks like someone unrolled a big old roll of toilet paper down the aisle. Even the nicer ones seem to be made of the plastic that one would be apt to use on a summer picnic table.

I get the need for them…I do. I mean, dropping a few g’s on a dress has certainly prompted me to consider ways of keeping said dress clean. And since our ceremony is going to be outside, I need some sort of solution to prevent grass stains on my gown. But white aisle runners are just about as ugly as it gets…and besides, my dress is pink.

I would love to use something like a gorgeous vintage fabric, but there is not a chance in hell I would be likely to find the quantity that we would need. Then I thought perhaps a super cool wallpaper, but realized that would prob cost more money than the afore mentioned multi thousand dollar dress. Plus my heels would rip it up in a hot minute.

So, I guess this means I’m stuck using the same cheesy aisle runners that everyone else has to use. Damn.

No Offense to Aisle Runner Lovers  Out There…