One Bite of Heaven and I’m Watching Reruns of Entourage in Duchesse Satin


AIMEE: Brian and I are camped out watching reruns of Entourage when we hear a few familiar notes and Jeremy Piven starts dancing. I light up and involuntarily begin swaying to the music, like a muppet.

“Why does this song sound familiar?” Brian asks looking at me.

“This is ‘For Once in My Life!’ Stevie Wonder!” I tell him. “This is what I walked down the aisle to!”

“Ahhhhh!” I can tell his mind is running through all the sentimental moments of our wedding when he asks: “Hey, do you think it would be terrible if I had just a little slice of that cake?”

He’s referring to the top of our wedding cake, which is lovingly wrapped in oodles of foil and hibernating in our freezer. I’m a sweet-tooth kind-of-gal so I never intended to leave it in there a whole year to have on our wedding anniversary, but I thought we might at least hold out for some sort of special event, not just a night in watching reruns in our jammies. I have to find a way to justify it.

“I suppose we could consider it a sign that they just HAPPENED to play that song, I mean what are the odds of that?” I ask him. Brian nods in agreement.

I dig the box out of the freezer, unwrap it from its foil cocoon and peer inside. It’s adorable. As I’m admiring it–for too long — cake knife poised but not ready to disturb the beautiful, smooth fondant-covered confection yet, Brian reaches in and plucks a pearl of fondant from the border.

Once it’s been defiled, all bets are off. I pop an icing pearl in my mouth. I cut a piece for Brian, one for myself and curl up in front of the TV, putting a forkful in my mouth.

Mmmm! I’m wearing duchesse satin again instead of Nike trackpants!

One Bite of Heaven and I’m Watching  Reruns of Entourage in Duchesse Satin