Polling the 11th (Again)

A week or so ago we made cautious mention of two internal polls done in the 11th district race in Brooklyn. Over the weekend, someone was kind enough to share a copy of one of them with us.

The poll, paid for by 1199, was done by Kiley & Company and studied 500 Democratic primary voters in the district between May 14-17. It’s dated — taken prior to Nick Perry’s withdrawl from the race — but the cross-tabs reveal a couple of noteworthy trends in the demographically mixed district.

One question about the issues that concerned voters most revealed a sharp racial divide, with 45% of white voters reponding that the war in Iraq concerns them most, against just 16% of black voters. (The top issue among black voters in this district, at 19%, was education.)

And when the poll asked for second choices among the candidates, Clarke emerged as the top alternate for supporters of Andrews, Perry and Owens — though not for Yassky voters.

Detailed results, for whoever’s interested, can be found here.

—Nicole Brydson

Polling the 11th (Again)