Republican Reaction to Hevesi Remarks

State Comptroller Alan Hevesi’s praise of Sen. Chuck Schumer as someone who would shoot President Bush between the eyes is not going over so well here at the Republican convention.

“I’m glad he quickly apologized,” said John Spencer. “It’s a hell of a thing to say.”

Rob Ryan, who was Pataki’s campaign manager in 1994, had this to say about Hevesi’s remarks.

“I think it’s shocking and stupid and wrong,” he said. “It shows a level of malice in many of the people who are liberals in this state and malice, not only towards the President, but towards the office of the President, because they don’t control it.”

People are whispering a bit more about Hevesi than the nominations for Lt. Governor.

— Jason Horowitz

UPDATE: In his acceptance speech after being named the Republican Party’s nominee for State Comptroller, J Christopher Callaghan said, “Just 3 hours ago and 10 miles from here. He (Hevesi) talked about putting a bullet through the eyes of the United States President. Now threats against the President are no joke. This raises real concerns about Alan Hevesi’s fitness to hold public office.”

Republican Reaction to Hevesi Remarks