Rudy ’08 in 19 Easy Pictures

rudy santorum
Giuliani and Santorum

Rudy Giuliani is ramping up his web presence – ostensibly for the benefit of the raft of Republican candidates he’s supporting in this year’s congressional elections.

From a recent “Dear Friend” email calling attention to the launch of his new site:

I am pleased to tell you that my new web site,, was launched at a successful fundraising event in New York City last Tuesday night.

With the 2006 elections coming up, I urge you to sign-up on the web site to stay informed about my efforts to support strong Republican candidates in competitive races around the country.

The candidates he’s helped will no doubt be gratified that their political benefactor has yet another tool at his disposal.

But if Giuliani were thinking about running for something himself – say, in 2008 – the photo gallery provides a pretty neat encapsulation of his sales pitch: loyal Reagan Republican (with Ronald and Nancy), friend of Israel (with Ariel Sharon), moderate ally of not-so-moderate conservatives (with Santorum), international statesman (with Gorbachev), 9/11 hero and, not insignificantly, <a href="loving husband.

Rudy ’08 in 19 Easy Pictures