Rudy Glows

Today’s Quinnipiac poll has yet more stunningly good numbers for theoretical-office-seeker Rudy Giuliani, putting him at the top of a list of candidates that voters were asked to rate based on a “feeling thermometer.”

The top five heat-generators were Giuliani, with 63.5 percent, Barack Obama with 58.4, Condoleeza Rice with 56.1, John McCain with 56 and Hillary Clinton with 49.9.

It’s worth nothing that Giuliani is the only one in that group who isn’t currently in office, and whose public image is therefore warmed by a nostalgia that simply won’t be there if and when he declares his intention to run for something.

For now, though, he positively glows.

The poll also concluded that “Democratic and independent voters favor Republicans Arizona Sen. John McCain and former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani more than Republicans and independents like Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton.”

Here’s the release.

Rudy Glows