RudyBlog: John McCain is the Next Howard Dean

RudyBlogger offers a scornful critique of the “conventional wisdom” that John McCain is a more viable presidential candidate than Rudy Giuliani, putting the notion right up there with such erstwhile pearls of insider wisdom as “This is Kerry’s race to lose” and “Howard Dean looks unstoppable in the Democratic primary.”

And – carrying out a now-standard function of the web-based partisan — RudyBlogger urges supporters to “email the reporter and his or her editors” each time a story understates Giuliani’s support against McCain and other prospective Republican candidates.

It’s hard to argue that Giuliani has been under-exposed as he’s laid the foundations for his possible presidential run.

But there does seem to be a persistent idea that a Rudy candidacy is much better in theory than in practice.

Fair or unfair?

— Josh Benson

RudyBlog: John McCain is the Next Howard Dean