Rudy’s Southern Friends

While Rudy Giuliani says he is still <a href="unsure about whether to run for president, some of the guests at his appaerances yeterday seem to have made up their minds.

Barry Wynn, the former chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party and the finance chair of President Bush’s re-election campaign, said yesterday that Giuliani “seems like a man of action and not just talking. He certainly is the type of person Washington needs. He is an outsider and that’s refreshing.” He also said that he’d “certainly be one of the people encouraging him” to run.

And Marc Rotterman, a southern Republican strategist based in Raleigh, North Carolina, tried out what was doubtless a preview of Rudy’s arguments that he can win voters in the socially conservative Republican base.

“There is a perception that the evangelicals are monolith, I don’t concur with that,” he said “I think he is one of the two or three contenders in the Republican Party.”

Giuliani has indeed received warm receptions in conservative parts of the country, and seemed comfortable enough appearing recently with Ralph Reed. It bears repeating, though, that none of it means that evangelical voters will actually vote for him once he’s a candidate.

We’ll see. (Maybe.)

– Jason Horowitz Rudy’s Southern Friends