Sharpton Wades in to the 11th

Azi reported this morning that Al Sharpton is about to lend his weight to the Stop Yassky movement by urging black leaders to unify behind a single, black candidate in the 11th.

Following up with Sharpton’s office, we were told he has no plans to endorse anybody specifically but will call for the unification at Saturday’s Black Brooklyn Empowerment Convention.

In an interesting historical footnote, Sharpton waded into a 2004 Civil Court election — at the urging of Carl Andrews — in which he backed a white judicial candidate, Bernard Graham, against three black and Caribbean candidates in the 6th judicial district in Brooklyn. On primary day that year, loudspeakers circled the district blaring Sharpton’s voice in support of Graham.

Graham ended up winning by a little less than 1,000 votes.

—Nicole Brydson

Sharpton Wades in to the 11th