Singling Out Bonds on Drugs

The Jason Grimsley news, though upsetting to me as an Orioles fan, is a further reminded that Barry Bonds is being singled out, that perform-enhancing substances are widespread in the game of baseball. Maybe not everyone’s using it, but just about everyone.

Years ago in Minnesota, the late great Zoilo Versalles , former MVP shortstop, told Tim Carlson that trainers fed baseball players “greenies”—amphetamines—so they could get up for day games after night games, overcome travel weariness, just about anything. Sometimes transformed his game from a first inning error to third inning brilliance, Versalles said. Or as he would explain to his coach, “Boss I was just concentrating…”

I hear rumors that amphetamines are still an important part of the game. HGH, steroids, greenies—what’s the difference? Singling Out Bonds on Drugs