Some Ask Why. Isac Asks Why Not.

The reason Isac called this morning, ostensibly, was to relay news from an event late yesterday of the “United Satmar” citywide organization honoring Ed Towns, at which Carl Andrews, who was also in attendance, received the group’s endorsement in his much-discussed congressional race.

But on the topic of the race for the Shirley Chisholm-Major Owens congressional seat, which has come to be dominated by a philosophical discussion about what it means to represent a Voting Rights district, he couldn’t help suggesting a proposition of his own:

Instead of focusing on the controversial prospect of a white candidate beating out three black candidates to occupy the seat once occupied by a black woman, he suggested, perhaps local political leaders could solve everyone’s problems by urging the three male contenders to drop out of the race and clear the way for… Yvette Clarke.

Said Isac: “Why they shouldn’t let her have the seat?”

— Josh Benson

Some Ask Why. Isac Asks Why Not.