Spencer’s Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy

John Spencer’s campaign has come up with the most inriguing conspiracy theory of the weekend: that K.T. McFarland, self-proclaimed Reagan Republican, is actually a tool of the left.

The evidence — a list of McFarland donors who have given money in the past to HIllary Clinton and other Democrats — has prompted the Spencer folks to ask darkly whether McFarland’s entire candidacy isn’t just “another Clinton dirty trick.”

Given Clinton’s nearly 2-1 advantage over Spencer in a prospective match-up, I’m having a little trouble finding the motive for such a fiendish plot.

But judge for yourself: read the full release after the jump.

— Josh Benson

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The Clinton-McFarland Connection: A vast left-wing conspiracy?

Kathleen McFarland, contradictory and stumbling on WCBS TV:

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YONKERS – Yesterday the Spencer for Senate campaign released a review of Kathleen McFarland’s campaign reports filed with the Federal Election Commission revealing a very troubling fact. A clear pattern has emerged whereby donors to Ms. McFarland are also big supporters of Senator Clinton, the DNC and other related leftwing entities.

The silence from the McFarland and Clinton campaigns speaks volumes.

Yesterday, the following McFarland donors who also gave money to Sen. Clinton and the DNC were revealed:

Lionel Pincus who donated $4,200 to Ms. McFarland in December 2005, while giving Sen. Clinton $6,000 since 1999. In 2000 Pincus gave $10,000 to a special soft money account set up on Sen. Clinton’s behalf. Between1997-2000, Pincus donated $300,000 in soft money to the DNC! In 2002, Pincus also gave $1,000 to Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney as well.

Constance Spahn donated $500 to Ms. McFarland in December 2005, after giving Sen. Clinton $2,200 since 1999. Spahn also donated $26,000 to the DNC in 2000!

Charlotte Ford donated $500 to Ms. McFarland in December 2005, and since the 2000 election cycle, she donated $2,250 to Senator Clinton.

Ann Chamberlain Knight donated $2,100 to Ms. McFarland in December 2005, and $2,000 to Sen. Clinton in 2000.

James S. Gold donated $250 to Ms. McFarland in November 2005 and another $500 in January 2006, while giving Sen. Clinton $2,000 since 2003.

Dane Neller gave Hillary $1,000 in September, 2005 and then gave McFarland $500 three months later.

The fact is that twenty big donors to McFarland who gave her a total of $25,200 also gave $343,150 to the Democratic National Committee , $6,000 to Chuck Schumer and Democratic Senate Campaign Committee, $9,900 to Howard Dean, $4,000 to John Kerry and $6,910 to Hillary Clinton. Is this a REAL Republican campaign?

The political media needs to get real answers to this unusual pattern.

Why were Democrat Clinton supporters contributing to a Republican candidate to run against Sen. Clinton?

Have these donors since given to Sen. Clinton or the Democrat Party?

Why would these donors be contributing to Ms. McFarland as Jeanine Pirro was leaving the Senate race for the Attorney General race?

Does Ms. McFarland think big Democrat donors should be fueling a divisive primary to split our party?

Is this another Clinton dirty trick?

These donations were delivered to the McFarland campaign at the same time Clinton dirt digger Terry Lenzner’s firm invoiced McFarland’s Congressional campaign account for its private investigative work. The same work Ed Rollins boasted was used to investigate John Spencer’s family. Was this money used to hire Clinton private investigator Terry Lenzner?

New York Republicans deserve answers. New York Republican State Committee Chairman Steve Minirak was right to ask Ms. McFarland to withdraw from the primary.

According to NYS Election Law Sec 6-104 she has until June 14 to do so. Unless Ms. McFarland can answer these questions she should leave the race and allow Republicans to unite behind John Spencer.


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Spencer’s Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy