Spitzer Up, Suozzi Indifferent

The Quinnipiac poll released today on the governor’s race has a lot of good news for Eliot Spitzer, which means a lot of bad news for everyone else.

According to the poll, John Faso’s convention bubble has already deflated, and he still trails Spitzer by a wide margin, 66-20. Faso only managed to win 46 percent among Republican voters, compared to Spitzer’s 35 percent. On the other hand, Faso is obliterated by the attorney general among Democrats, 88 – 6 percent.

Tom Suozzi also feels the brunt of Spitzer’s popularity, trailing now by 76-13. Based on what he told us this week, he still feels he’s spending his time productively.

The encouraging element for Faso and Suozzi may be that virtually no one as heard enough about them to form an opinion. (73 percent of those polled don’t know enough about Faso, 65 percent don’t know about Suozzi.) But with only three months left, and Spitzer rolling out more tv ads, the ground they have to make up is so uphill it’s practically vertical.

— Jason Horowitz

Spitzer Up, Suozzi Indifferent