Spitzer’s New-Yet-Strangely-Familiar Tax Plan

So Eliot Spitzer finally came out with a detailed tax relief plan, and it looks like it contains a little something for everyone: $6 billion dollars in property tax cuts over three years paid for by Medicaid budget cuts, among other things, with the relief apportioned on a progressive scale.

It’s not a particularly original idea — cutting property taxes has been a central theme of Tom Suozzi’s campaign.

But Spitzer’s proposal effectively removes another differentiating factor from the primary, making it a race between two guys with the same positions, one of whom is much better-known than the other.

All that’s left for Suozzi to do is remind people that he was there first.

From a Suozzi release: “I am grateful that after seven and a half years in Albany, a year and half as a candidate for governor, and three months of dodging the issue that I have made a cornerstone of my campaign, Eliot Spitzer has finally agreed with me that New Yorkers deserve property tax relief.”

For what it’s worth.

– Jason Horowitz

Spitzer’s New-Yet-Strangely-Familiar Tax Plan