Taxes On the Agenda

John Faso’s campaign is working hard to keep the flames of the the Farrell gaffe alive as long as possible.

Today he prepares to talk taxes again at a conference in Saratoga Springs.

“He will be focusing on a relief agenda for property tax payers, local governments, and Medicaid,” said Susan Del Percio, Mr. Faso’s spokeswoman.

“For John Faso, cutting taxes is a top priority, and you heard that for the Democratic Party leaders and Denny Farrell, that it is not their top priority.”

We’ll see when Eliot Spitzer rolls out his own tax plan, also in Saratoga, this afternoon.

“I think that one thing is certain,” Del Percio said. “Whatever he ends up proposing, how is he going to pay for it? Cutting the property tax and increasing the income tax is just shifting the burden. How will he pay for it?”

– Jason Horowitz

Taxes On the Agenda