The Everything’s Just Fine Tour

So we checked in with the KT McFarland’s campaign, which is busy crossing the state for “KT Kitchen Talks,” to see how they are feeling a day after Stephen Minarik implored the candidate to drop out of the race.

On the topic of forcing a primary against John Spencer, press secretary Morgan Ortagus-Dobbs said McFarland “clearly had the momentum at the convention” and that “she did it with the party leaders working against her.” She added that McFarland was not “scared or intimidated” by the prospect of a primary contest.

I’m from Florida and we have huge primary contests there,” said Ortagus. ” I don’t know why it would be any different for New York.”

New York’s singularity seemed to be made achingly apparent to Bill Weld. We’ll see how long McFarland can withstand the party’s pressure.

— Jason Horowitz

The Everything’s Just Fine Tour