The Higher the Hemline: The Daily Goes Monthly

“I’m a little too short and brunette for this party,” shrieked Rachel Felder, a middle-aged writer.

She wasn’t wrong.

Hopefully she wasn’t hypoglycemic: the drink of choice was sugary champagne, imbibed through straws. “It’s awful. Frown!” said a woman before her second sip.

They were crushed into the Garden of Ono the other night–that fine place where apparently Gisele once broke a slender wrist–to celebrate the glisteningly new Daily Mini, a petite monthly spin-off of Fashion Week Daily.

“Our readers begged: ‘Please, please, do it more often,'” explained Editor-in-Chief Brandusa Niro, who is chummy despite her mythically frightening name.

Ms. Niro introduced her cover girl, the 18-year-old Australian model-of-the-moment, Gemma Ward. This, explained Ms. Niro, is The Biggest Supermodel In The World Right Now. She is losing her accent, but says she has yet to master American slang. “I’m going to go to the bathroom. Okay?” Ms. Ward asked.

There was Damon Dash. “I’m just a fly guy,” he said. And how do the other men measure up to his flyness? “I’d rather watch the women.”

Accompanying Mr. Dash was a gorgeous wife, plus a steely man named Shawn who wears Mr. Dash’s watch–without the encrusted jewels–and sneakers, though without the slick shine. A tattoo of Psalm 25 on Shawn’s right forearm disinclines one from messing with either Shawn or Mr. Dash. (“Remember not the sins of my youth, nor my transgressions,” and such.)

Tinsley Mortimer, briefly without any socialite companionship, declared that everyone she loves is right here at this very party. She graciously pulled together a string of nouns to describe her sense of fashion: “Oh! Girly, frilly, feminist, over-exaggerated–baby-doll, even. I’ve been wearing the same bubble skirts since the 80s!”

Svelte fashion policeman Robert Verdi squealed when offered gourmet cupcakes. Later he waxed philosophical on the responsibilities of stardom. “A lot is expected,” he sighed.

Mr. Verdi bounced off into the night, kissing, on his way, more of those fashionably elite cheeks that The Daily Mini has, against many odds, done such an impressive job of wooing.
–Max Abelson The Higher the Hemline: The Daily Goes Monthly