The Most Popular Man In Show Business

People can’t leave Bill Clinton alone. In the Marriott Marquis hotel’s men’s lavatory the other night, at the 60th Anniversary Gala for Harlem’s Northside Center for Child Development, even the bathroom attendant couldn’t stop chatting with Mr. Clinton. Mr. President looked very happy about it. His Secret Service men did not.

“Hi, Bill,” a gaggle of giggling girls sang when the President walked out of the head.

Mr. Clinton took the stage. “I’m just happy to be here,” he told the crowd. He then said something that is becoming commonplace for him. “I’m also saying this for Hillary, who is down at the Senate, making something good happen. Or stopping something bad.”

Later in the talk, his attentions shifted. “I saw this really attractive, compelling woman in her 50’s,” he drawled. Oh. The anecdote turned out to be about gay marriage.

Crooner John Legend was placed next to the President at the center dinner table. This is, Mr. Legend said wearily, the fourth benefit he’d hit that week. (It was only Thursday, too!)

There was Russell Simmons, and Ed Bradley, and there was Bill Cosby. Mr. Cosby sported a medallion in his lapel. “This is the Medal of Freedom,” he said. (Where was his own fancy ceremony? “At the White House.”)

David Dinkins came up to Mr. Cosby. “Your bride is beautiful,” the former Mayor said.

“Keep your hands off my wife. I’ll challenge you to a duel,” said Mr. Cosby.
Max Abelson

The Most Popular Man In Show Business