The New Bogeyman Downtown

Now that the Port Authority, the Governor, Mayor and Larry Silverstein are all in agreement about the World Trade Center, they are ganging up on the insurers who have yet to pay Silverstein more than $2 billion in court-ordered awards. Today, Governor Pataki’s press office e-mailed a statement saying, “I have spoken with Governor Corzine and Mayor Bloomberg’s offices and together we have asked the Port Authority and Silverstein Properties to commence appropriate legal action within the next several days to gain the resolution and assurances we need.” Silverstein seconded that with a statement of his own.

Sources said a lawsuit could be filed early next week. Port Authority spokesman John McCarthy wouldn’t confirm the schedule but said, “We are exploring our legal options.”

Under the April 26 agreement, about 35 percent of the available insurance money was supposed to be transferred from Silverstein to the Port Authority to go towards the Freedom Tower but so far the insurance companies have not agreed that they would make the switch.

Oh, and anybody who thought the Rebuild Them Now Movement was dead should check out the comments on our previous Freedom Tower post.

Matthew Schuerman

The New Bogeyman Downtown