The Non-Liberal Non-Challenger

Westchester businessman Mark Greenstein’s campaign for U.S. Senate against Hillary Rodham Clinton died today much as it had lived–with few people noticing.

The 42-year old educational test-prep entrepreneur, who described himself as the “non-liberal challenger” for the Democratic nomination, launched his campaign a mere two-and-a-half months ago, on March 31. On that day, he declared his desire “to be a national senator,” and vowed to stand up to “sellout liberals” who had “emasculated” the Democratic party. But somehwere along the way, he seems to have gotten tired of standing. Earlier today he issued a release saying he would be returning to his test-prep business full time, the AP reported.

This was not Mr. Greenstein’s first political dalliance. In 2000, he ran against Al Gore in the New Hampshire Democratic primary. He got 75 votes.

Alas, Mr. Greenstein, we never knew thee.

– Lizzy Ratner

The Non-Liberal Non-Challenger