The Weld Effect

Ben reports that the Spitzer people are “elated” to have Bill Weld out of the race, setting up the prospect of a campaign against a “known, predictable and conservative quantity.”

I don’t doubt it for a moment.

Interestingly, though, I heard from a Suozzi advisor yesterday who said that Faso was great for their guy, too.

His logic:

a) without Weld around, Faso will be able to focus on Eliot Spitzer
b) without Weld around, the media will be able to focus on Eliot Spitzer

Suozzi will be putting that last point to the test in just a few minutes when he holds a press conference to denounce Spitzer’s ties to super-lobbyist Pat Lynch.

Which campaign has the more compelling post-Weld spin? The Weld Effect