What About Steve?

Besides the influence of George Pataki, and the future of Bill Weld, another state Republican big shot who comes out limping from yesterday’s convention in Hempstead has to be Stephen J. Minarik III, the party leader who publicly and staunchly backed Weld and predicted that John faso would fail to break 16 percent. During a press conference in the “Pride Room” at the Hofstra arena after winning the party’s endorsement, John Faso was asked repeatedly whether he felt Minarik should step down as party chair because he was out of step with the wishes of county leaders.

Faso dodged the question, but he didn’t exactly give Minarik a ringing endorsement.

“I have always had cordial relations with Steve, a few bumps in the road perhaps,” said Faso, “but I want to have all the Republicans in this state supporting me and helping me.”

Minutes later, Minarik was questioned on the convention floor about once saying that Faso was in “La-La land.”

“That was taken out of context,” said Minarik.

Welcome to La-La Land.

—Jason Horowitz

Misspellings corrected.

What About Steve?