The city’s fathers of yore relived some of the good old days this morning when a remade plaza at Liberty Street and Broadway was christened Zuccotti Park, after John Zuccotti, the 68-year-old co-chairman of Brookfield Properties, which owns the plaza and several other properties nearby, including the World Financial Center.

Look, there’s Ed Koch! And Al D’Amato! They were all buddies back in the good old days when Chock Full o’ Nuts still had a presence across the street and New York almost went bankrupt. (Zuccotti was chairman of the city planning commission and deputy mayor in the 1970s.)

“I owe him one because when I was running for mayor he was importune to run and had he run, he would have become mayor,” Koch said.

“Ed Koch–I have to say his memory is a little faulty. It comes from his age and his weight,” Zuccotti said during his comments.

Matthew Schuerman Zuccottifest