31, It’s the New 30!

AIMEE: As we’re unpacking groceries together, Brian, proceeding with extreme caution, asks sweetly: “So what are we going to do for your birthday? I’d better start planning something.”

Indeed, the dreaded 30th birthday (July 10) is coming up fast. I find myself flashing back to his 30th in March–when I was at the height of my mad, wedding planning frenzy. I recall the pathetic IOU I gave him for a nice dinner and some sort of gift. A promise I have yet to make good on (oops!). Suddenly, inspiration strikes: “I’ve got it!” I tell him, mind racing. “How about if we both just let the 30th birthdays go?! We didn’t really want to turn 30 anyway,” I reason, “And we’ve already had the biggest best party ever [our wedding] this year. Let’s forget about 30 and just do 31 up right!”

“So 31 is the new 30?” he asks, sounding surprisingly convinced. “OK, then. And you’re sure?”

“Positive! Besides, everyone’s turning 30 this year,” which is true. “But next year, we can totally own 31. We’ll go big on 31.”

“OK, if you’re sure,” he says, a hint of worry in his tone as he imagines me pouting on a gift-less July 10.

“No gifts!” I say, reading his mind. “Let’s go out to dinner to celebrate BOTH our birthdays.” I hold my hand out, and he shakes on it. Done and done. 31, It’s the New 30!