A Blackout of Our Own — and Events for July 29-31, 2006

We’ve been down for the last two hours because of — ready? — a fire in the building that contains our server machinery. Or so I’m told.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming, brought to you by Nicole Brydson:

(Listings after the jump.)

On Saturday, GenerationEngage’s next iChat forum, keynoted by Al Gore, will host a screening of An Inconvenient Truth at The Point in the Bronx with discussion to follow.

The Municipal Art Society hosts a farewell walking tour through Greenpoint and Williamsburg.

The Astoria/Frank Kenna Republican Club continues its summer voter registration drive.

On Sunday, Eliot Spitzer’s campaign will host 100 Spitzer House Parties across the state marking 100 days until election day, with a minimum suggested contribution of $20.06.

On Monday, the Queens and Nassau County Young Democrats will host the official kick off party for their newly re-launched chapters, with Gary Ackerman as keynote speaker. The event will be at 7pm at Lucky’s on Bell Boulevard.

Al Pirro’s speeding ticket directs him to appear in court for his speeding violation earlier this month. A Blackout of Our Own — and Events for July 29-31, 2006