A Different Way of Asking


After numerous setbacks and disappointing fund-raising efforts, the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation kicked off a nationwide advertising campaign aimed, according to the mayor, at the “working people and well-to-do.”

The ads play off of the spontaneous memorials which appeared in the days after Sept. 11th, — monuments of American flags, candles, baseball caps and other personal items belonging to those killed in the attacks — and argue that something more permanent is needed now.

“We needed one then. We need one now,” is the slogan, with a final appeal that “It’s time.”

The announcement, which was also attended by George Pataki, represents an effort to regroup after many prime givers were initially turned off by all the turmoil and controversy surrounding the memorial.

The goal of the ad campaign is to raise another $170 million for the planned monument. So far, since 2005, the foundation has brought in $130 million.

– Jason Horowitz A Different Way of Asking