Blackout Update: Danny’s Power is Back On

Danny at Home: photo Silvia Usle

A small sign that life is returning to normal in Queens:

My cousin Danny Kane said that he just got power back on in his place on 35th Street in Astoria, but only after spending Tuesday, Wednesday and the better half of Thursday struggling through the sweltering darkness.

So, even as the mayor pronounces himself annoyed that Con Ed underestimated the number of people affected by about 50 times, things finally seem to be improving somewhat. And Danny, a structural ironworker by trade, learned a lesson to boot:

“I’m one of those guys who always believed, for some reason, that when a lamp is plugged in really close to the outlet it should work better, all my appliances are close to the outlet. I’m right by Con Ed, so I guess that isn’t the case.”

— Jason Horowitz Blackout Update: Danny’s Power is Back On