Boerum Hill: The Heath Ledger Era


It was less than a year ago that Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams bought a $3.6 million townhouse in Boerum Hill, instantly becoming the neighborhood’s “it” couple. And now, they’ve taken refuge in the Hollywood Hills.

Sadly, there will be no more subway sightings (They’re Just Like Us!), or anti-Ratner rants. Remember when these two movie stars joined forces with other movies stars (and some literary types), in an effort to lobby on behalf of Brooklyn residents?

As the Daily News reported just two months ago:

“His vision will increase traffic, pollution and asthma,” said Ledger’s fiancee, actress Michelle Williams, another board member. The couple recently bought a Boerum Hill brownstone, where they live with their young daughter, Matilda.

“If Mr. Ratner lived here, he would understand what we love about it and why we want to preserve our open skies.”

Hopefully, for the sake of our beleaguered West Coast transplants, Bruce Ratner won’t now try to build an arena in the Hollywood Hills.

Michael Calderone

UPDATE: NoLandGrab has scooped all the “professional snarks” out there, diving head first into what the they consider a “cauldron of celebrity gossip.” (Cauldron, eh? Was that intentional)? Anyway, contrary to the reports in the July 21st Daily Telegraph that Mr. Ledger was abandoning Brooklyn–information seized upon by all those snarky blogs– the couple might be staying in the borough after all, according to NoLandGrab. See, that Hollywood home might simply be a pied-a-terre. And Daniel Goldstein breathes a deep sigh of relief. Boerum Hill: The Heath Ledger Era