Brenner to McFarland: Never Mind

After dropping out of the US Senate race Wednesday, William “The Revolution Is Coming” Brenner has endorsed KT McFarland, at least according to McFarland’s website.

But when we reached Brenner, he told us that the news of the endorsement was “not totally correct. I think that both John Spencer and KT McFarland are both excellent candidates.”

“At this point in a primary you can’t endorse.”

He explained that it was all an honest misunderstanding that could have come from his involvement with the Sullivan County committee, which advises him and has for the most part supported McFarland.

McFarland’s campaign was taken aback by Brenner’s apparent change of heart.

“He sent us the letter yesterday,” said press secretary Morgan Ortagus-Dobbs, who faxed over a copy of a letter Brenner apparently wrote to Marc Humbert which states “I think it will take a strong woman of congressional background such as KT McFarland to defeat Hillary Cliton [sic] therefore I am supporting KT. [sic] McFarland and withdrawing my campaign for U.S. Senate.”

A mess.

– Jason Horowitz

BrennerLetter.JPG Brenner to McFarland: Never Mind