Charlie King’s Minority Support

Even as Charlie King’s campaign trails in the polls and struggles for attention from major media outlets and much of the Democratic political establishment, he’s quietly collecting a pretty significant number of endorsements from minority officials.

Earlier today, he officially announced the backing of Assemblyman Carl Heastie, the youngest African-American in the legislature.

That’s in addition to Ruth Hassell Thompson , Kevin Parker, Crystal Peoples , Annette Robinson and councilmembers Larry Seabrook, Charles Barron, and Kendall Stewart.

As Ben noted in the past, King has been willing to talk about race in this campaign — particularly when he cast ballot access as a civil rights issue. It’s worth asking how much of his support this year from minorities had to do with that. Or, for that matter, how much it has to do with the other candidates in the primary.


— Jason Horowitz Charlie King’s Minority Support