Chuck Uses Gore

More evidence that Al Gore, endorser of Howard Dean for president, insurgent hero of the Netroots, once again finds himself in the party’s warm embrace…

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s latest fund-raising letter, which recently arrived in mailboxes on Al Gore letterhead, runs nearly two-and-a-half pages in length and is filled with plenty of outrage, urging donors to give “$50, $75, or even more” to help the Democrats reclaim the Senate and “pull our country back from the brink of constitutional crisis.”

He also reprises one of his pet theme of the GOP message “machine”:

“We know that George Bush and Dick Cheney will not give up the power they claimed for themselves easily. The GOP muckraking machine is already in full force in Senate races around the country — distorting the truth and smearing our candidates.”

— Lizzy Ratner Chuck Uses Gore