Dobbs Likes Maloney


Grumpy Lou Dobbs dislikes plenty of people, but apparently Carolyn Maloney isn’t one of them. A Maloney aide brought to our attention the following exchange on Dobbs’ CNN program Tuesday night about the use of Venezuelan-produced Smartmatic voting machines in American elections. (Maloney has urged caution about the machines and pressed the issue in Congress.)

Lou Dobbs: …I think we have to give just extraordinary credit to Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney. She focused on this issue, she brought it to the attention of the public, and our hats are off to her. She’s just doing a wonderful job here.

Kitty Pilgrim: She’s been very vigilant, and until this came to light publicly, there was really no — absolutely no acknowledgment that there was a problem with this.

Lou Dobbs: It is nice to see our elected officials, when it does… rarely happen, doing their job, and again, our compliments and commendation to Congresswoman Maloney.

–Jason Horowitz Dobbs Likes Maloney