Early Morning Owens

Chris Owens was out bright and early this morning handing out campaign pamphlets to commuters entering the 2 and 3 station on Bergen Street in Park Slope. Unlike the groggy morning straphangers — me included — Owens, in his crisp white shirt, was downright chipper.

“Things are going very well,” he said.

Owens, who is at a pretty severe financial disadvantage in the race, took the opportunity to point to this weekend’s developments — Thelma Davis, mother of the slain Councilman James Davis, pulled her endorsement from David Yassky yesterday — as evidence of disorder among his opponents.

“There has been some more excitement, with Thelma and Geoffrey Davis and the people surrounding them. What’s going on in those campaigns?”

He also said that the issue of race, which he has not exactly shied away from addressing during the campaign, had subsided “a little bit,” and he boiled the rest of the contest down this way: “We’re passed the petitioning stage so at this point, people are just going to have to make a choice.”

–Jason Horowitz Early Morning Owens